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My favourite hero of all times and the person whom I admire the most?! I always admire respect and recognize talents. All of us should have come across variety of talents with different people. BUT I have come across a person who is the most talented person I have ever seen in my life. He was not just talented in one field; let it be sports, music, arts, theatre, poetry, photography, literature the list goes on. In sports he was a champion in Hockey, Table tennis, Discuss throw, Shot put and cross country race. If it is music he was trained in classical and western music and can play guitar, keyboard, violin, mandolin, and mouthorgan. When it comes to arts he is an artist whose paintings on nature is all over his room. He had staged a dozen stage shows and portrayed his acting skills. In the literary field he had published five book of poems the first one had the forward from the former president of India Mr.Zakhir Hussein and Dr.Radhakrishnan, he also published a collection of short stories apart from the books he published on communication and technical writing. He is an excellent orator who had won innumerable prizes at various forums. His colleagues nicked name him the WALKING Encyclopedia and LIVING Dictionary. He loved his teaching profession and was a born teacher. He was known for his determination, perseverance, simplicity, honesty and his profound knowledge. He lived for his family and always would sacrifice anything for his children. Am I not lucky to be born to this great man who was a class apart right until his last breath? He chiselled all of us by grooming the way we wanted to be. What I am today is because of my dad and mom. He is an integral part of all of us. He was and will be my torch bearer and shadow all through my life. He was always a thought leader and his foresightedness had made many of them raise eyebrows. I am proud to be the son of this multifaceted genius. MY DAD MY HERO.

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  1. Shebin says:

    Sir, What is his name ? My suggestions, wish you had placed his picture.

  2. Ranjith says:

    Your dad is a HERO to u!!!!!

    U too a HERO to ur children’s !!!!!!!

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