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The world loves to emote with music, and my favourite pastime is listening to music . I am one of those who travelled from audio cassettes to Cd’s to MP3 players and then downloading music and now into ipod’s. The transition that has happened in the music world is quite startling. I have grown up listening A.R.Rahman and every movie / album of AR Rahman i have brought and had preserved it.

A.R.Rahman with one movie (Roja –1991 his first movie) broke the decade old empire of Illayaraja. In my college days, i had heated arguments with so many people for hours together debating about the music of A.R.Rahman and Illayaraja. A R Rahman started composing ad jingles. Rahman did a lot of popular ads like those for Parry’s, Leo Coffee, Boost, Titan, Premier Pressure Cooker, Hero Puch and Asian Paints. He also did couple of non film albums like `Deen Isai Malai’, `Set Me Free’. His music came into Tamil movie like a breeze and had captivated millions of hearts with his sounds. But he raised against all odds, when he came in television started growing and after some time Radio came back as FM Radio. The number of times we have heard his songs and the number of times we had watched his songs will be 100 times more than the songs we had heard and seen up to the early 90s. The songs of Rangeela, Bombay, Dilse made him the legendary Musician of India. These movie songs made the entire country started listening to his music.

He started moving out of the country with the Chinese film “warriors of Heaven and Earth”. He also had composed music for ‘Lord of Rings”.He worked with international legends Apache Indian, Michael Jackson, Andrew Webber Lloyd for Bombay dreams. This legendary musician has changed the entire music world the way he wants and also has changed the world to listen to his music. He converged music with technology, digitized music, he created a trend by introducing lot of new singers. He kept moving on..From Tamil (Kollywood) to Hindi ( Bollywood) to English(Hollywood) and never focused on just movie songs alone (vandematharam, Jana Gana Mana his tribute to the motherland are classic examples)and advertisements “AIRTEL” in particular . He was very choosy about his projects. He focuses only on quality, innovation and audience.

He is an iconic brand who is very soft spoken, simple and God fearing. Some of his colleagues like Devan believes, Rahman should have got the Oscars for Lagan itself; nevertheless i am proud of this musical genius, Man of the Masses for taking our music to every corner of the world and now to the Oscars. I just saw “SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE” and i personally feel that the only thing that is great in the movie is the Music of A.R.Rahman….AR please give us more…music, your music is a great stress buster in this mechanised world and the only solace for all the problems of this world.

The lessons to be learnt from A R Rahman are…1.Never be scared to think out of the box. 2. Never rest on your past laurels, keep moving. 3. Be a change leader 4. Embrace technology .5.Keep doing what you believe in. He is India’s Global Brand and he deserves to be Indian Ambassador for Peace and A.R.Rahman the PRIDE OF INDIA, the MAN OF THE MASSES.. WILL BRING INDIA THE OSCARS. WE LOVE YOU A.R.RAHMAN.

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