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How important is your alma mater to you? How strong are your ties? When was the last time you visited? What is an alma mater anyway? Simple. It is your old school, college or university. … Alma mater comes from two Latin words meaning “nourishing or bountiful mother.” It was originally used as a term by the ancient Romans to describe their Goddesses, but by the early eighteenth century in Britain it had come to refer to one’s university.

Alma Mater is also a sculpture which is located on the steps leading to the Low Memorial Library on the Morning side Heights campus of Columbia University in Manhattan, New York City. An owl, a symbol of knowledge and learning, is hidden in the folds of Alma Mater’s cloak near her left leg.

As a Fulbright Scholar, I had the fortune of visiting this place, when I was in Colombia University one of the top Universities in the world. What a beautiful and stimulating space for higher education. I clicked the picture and captured the energy around this one sacred spot. The next time you visit the school or the college campus you have studied, remember you are visiting your Alma mater.

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