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Indian Higher Education !!

The world’s best educators are from India, but it is same time to bring about refreshing change in the portals of Higher Education in India. The world is changing but the change is not significant in Indian Higher Education.It is time for us to think critically about what we are doing in higher education.

There is an escalating drumbeat of concerns from students and from companies that recruit. All the degree programmes should educate students on entrepreneurship. The reason is times have changed, “As organizations have become flatter, those running them are looking for leaders who can see opportunities and address problems that cut across functional boundaries. Even managers in large organizations have to think and act more like entrepreneurs in their ability to synthesize information and coordinate people and resources on an increasingly global scale”.

In an increasingly globalized world the general perception is that institutions have not gotten globalization right. Institutions need to be more technology dependent, heighten cultural awareness, and more refined global outlook and more interactive. “We have to understand how the world is changing and make sure we’re preparing our students for the future” There’s already a continuous shortage of faculty at all the institutions, and I don’t see that abating any time soon. We need to attract more talented people towards higher education. My thoughts for Institutions: – Institutions should start focusing on creating world class organizations.

The reason is down the line the competition is not going to be from a neighboring college but from global Universities.To create a world class institution. Institutions should start nurturing, and retaining Human capital. Human capital holds the key. My thoughts for Faculty: – An academician need to keep abreast with the changing trends and start embracing upon technology and they also need industry driven training. My Thoughts for Policy Makers: – The need of the hour is academic freedom, encouraging quality research and bring significant change in the examination and evaluation systems. FOR CII: – To carry out an extensive research with the students passing out from colleges to find out,  What they expected from a college. (EXPECTATION)  What they experienced in the college. (EXPERIENCE)  How relevant is that for their future. (RELEVANCE) This research will be an eye-opener for all of us in education.

I personally feel all of us in education need to have an out of the box thinking to find creative ideas to bring out remarkable changes in education. In a knowledge economy, the reasoning goes the ability to articulate and solve problems, to generate original ideas and to work collaboratively across cultural boundaries is growing exponentially in importance. What I wish to see in 21st century, “learning is a blending of academic and corporate.” ( The above are my views which i presented at CII Regional Summit a week ago).

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  1. Sindhu says:

    Good Shot…Expectation, Experience ,Relevance…it will great to do a research. -Sindhu/Ambat

  2. vinod says:

    Wonderful.. Entrepreneurship really good…but faculty competency ?! Privatization of Indian education is not working.Public need to be brought into higher education.

  3. Sanjay V K says:

    As you said earlier,the expectations of the students are given least priority in Indian universities,because of which the students are also pursuing degrees just for the sake of attaining a reputed “CERTIFICATE” from Institutions and it is then they are actually starting to think “WHAT NEXT”??

    Entrepreneurship is only an option for those who dare to be a Super leader,for which the qualities must be developed right from their graduate level.but that is done in Indian universities only at a very small scale.This is a major reason why India faces the issue of Brain Drain at times,as students pursue Job oriented and practical learning from Foreign universities being provided there, along with their degree and post graduations,and it has become a trend now.Just 6 or 7 IIM’s can’t meet the needs of Indian students.

    Hope more number of universities will function in our country too,with a change in their present strategy,and give more of practical knowledge than theoretical.and hope it will help in nurturing our educational industry soon.

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  5. Considerably, the report can be the freshest during this notable subject. I concur along with your conclusions and may thirstily appear forward for your forthcoming updates.

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