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There is an army of warriors that warrant the same commendation as our awesome healthcare brigade. They have made what amounts to a sea change in their ability to work, and have delivered handsomely. They are our teachers.

Denied the comfort of a classroom and forced to teach online, they have done a brilliant job for month’s in the pandemic. And they have braved not being able to see all their students, they have braved the cold stare of a camera, they have braved truant students and they have plugged on and on and on. Our education system has remained largely unaffected by catastrophe because the teachers and faculty have been the shield that took the worst, absorbed it and did not pass it on to our students. An entire generation of students: high schoolers, collegers and post-grad students have found stability and continuity ONLY because of our teaching warriors.

Let us remember not just to salute them but to reward them with our acknowledgement, and respect.

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