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Encounter with DJ and VJ Nikil Chinnappa

No. I hold a Degree in Architecture and I have also completed thesis in Hospital Design. If you want to be a VJ and if you always think of being a VJ you will be one. In my case, I wanted to be a bar tender and get people drunk but as MTV came my way I opted for it.

Don’t you think that MTV  GRIND spoils Indian Culture?

“MTV India is all about being Indian; it does well in India because we bring you the best”. We in India have a lot of family values. After you turn 18 you can vote, join the army, and then why can’t you choose on which book you have to read and which movie you can watch. We Indians have the power to choose, so it is on us to make the right choice.

According to you what is humor?

According to me “Humor is all about a sense of timing and dropping the punch line at the right time”. Good sense of humor is passing out a message in the most appropriate way. Like how I do it…….LOL………!

If Channel [V] offers you more money will you switch over?

Hey “I always work with the best.. .BABY, so that is why I am with MTV”. MTV is “THE BEST”……!

Your first “CRUSH”. Have you has any problems with love?

Going back in from, when i was 3 yrs oldi was cycling in my new bicycle and damn…. I slipped of the pedal and fell on the handle bar. I am sure Boys will know how painful that is. When I was in tears there came this little girl who came and wiped off my tears and it was that second, I had my first crush…!

Why is your channel more North oriented than South?

You know “Chaiyya Chaiyya works better than Backstreet Boys anyway. We are neither North oriented nor South oriented… We are INDIAN.

The flight you are on board is hijacked. How will you escape?

The first thing I would do is “Sussu” (Piss) in my pants. I am very sure that the flight will land some time soon as it will run out of fuel. So when the flight lands I will be the first one to be sent out becauseofunbearable Stink…… “I am clever that way”.

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  1. vijay nakwal says:

    Nikhil you are the faivret DJ of mine, one thing is realy specail for me is your non stop speaking ok budy this is vj sainig off

  2. smitha says:

    Hey..this is many celebs..intresting..wish we have the video profiles.

  3. steffy says:

    wld love to meet him

  4. WebMastack says:

    Familiar style.

  5. Categorically it do not agree with the author))

  6. Spiffy says:

    We try to read between lines..

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