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Most Intillegent/Informative-R.MADHAVAN


R.MADHAVAN …Maddy, Maddy, Maddy, A slogan for young girls, An epitome of style for kids, A head ache for parents of adolescent children, shhhh…. A great crush for women at any age. Maddy, this word makes the girls go mad in love and guys fret and fume in jealously. Nobody knows how he sneaked into our hearts. Everybody loves him and his chocolate simile. God how did you create this pack of chocolate which walks, talks, jumps…??. Is the Piped piper or something??? Who knows the answer??? Check out this may be you can get the answer behind his mysterious smile….. Maddy opens his heart in this encounter and i remember it was one of those very informative encounter i had from an actor,he is a wonderful person . .. .

How did you feel when you became a heartthrob in your debut?

It was a nice new feeling and the intensity of recognition was great. I am conscious about what I was weaning and the way I am presenting myself. The little thing I did got magnified. It was pressure in the beginning but a lot of fun. Now I got used to it.

When the entire young and upcoming hero’s get a hit only after 2 or 3 movies, but you had a bashing hit in your debut, were you burdened to cope up with the high expectations?

That’s always there nor matter your first movie is a hit or not. If you personally ask about trying to stay and make career, it is really a great pressure.

How did you groom yourself to become a hero?

Nothing I just stayed myself. I didn’t learn anything particular because I’am an actor. I just tried to be as good a Madhavan I am like.

Good looks are god’s gift, what do you think that has made you reach the mass?

The way we develop a personality and how best you present yourself in public is that counts. When it comes to me it is my honesty. I don’t try to portray something I’m not or I would like to be.

You are one of the very few heroes to enter the field as a married man and still manage to be successful, how was that possible?

That you’ve to ask the people. I’ve no idea. I come as a combined pack and they accept me.

You seem to portray Mr.Manirathnam as your demy god, how was it to work with him as Karthick and as Thiru?

No comparison at all, the man who directed Alaipayuthey was different from Kannathil Mutthammittal, Mani sir changes his personality according to the script and as an actor I see a different side of him. The nature, the way we shot and location was different. The efficiency of film making quiet similar.

Can you imagine your career graph without Alaipayuthey?

Oh yes! Alaipayuthey was just an amazing stepping-stone. I would try to do what I’m doing right now. I might not have been successful, but not be down. I had plans to act .

What was the difference in working with KB Sir and Manirathnam Sir?

Not much of difference. The way they tell the story is different. One says in a Narrative and the other Visually. There is a lot of dialogue in one’s script and other less dialogue.

Even after being familiar to the audience in north what do you think was the reason for RHTDM’s failure?

I’m not able to figure out and I feel it was as good as Minnalae. The music and the movie was not released at the right time its not the question of acceptance the story was not accepted.

Yours craziest fans :

The girls who keep writing to me. There is a group of fans is the YAHOO club. They are very ardent and devoted fans. They keep a website and stay in touch frequently.

Your wife, Madam Saritha is the most envied women after Mrs.Suzanne Kahan how does she feel?

She’s pretty ok. In the beginning it was difficult for her to see women crawling on me. As we always go together it’s not problem.

What is the worst thing being an actor?

You should be at your best in public. You can’t scratch your head or dig your nose.

Your first crush:

My 4th standard maths teacher. I had a massive crush on her. I used sit in the 1st row and still fall in maths.

How do you manage your crazy fans?

I tried to manage as the situation commands, when they try to hug me and pull my shirts. But mostly they maintain the decorum.

Who are the actresses you are very comfortable to work with?

Simran and Jyothika. They are the ones I’ve acted more than one film.

The greatest disappointment in your career? Nothing, really I’m not disappointed or ashamed. I’m happy and proud.

The great shock of your life:

Being introduced as hero in Manirathnam Sir’s film.

Your attitude towards gossips?

I totally ignore them.

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  1. Jasmine shah says:

    Chocolate he is a very brainy chap..

  2. Priyanka Asher says:

    this one’s really got my attention 🙂 .. a very interesting discussion it was!

  3. Sangeeth says:

    Superb,this gives a complete different view about the actors. can i get madhavans number ,just want to tell ROCK..luv u.

  4. Rahul says:

    Hey, maddy is too sweet for south, guess except kamalahassan and vikram no one else can even understand i guess. Gowtham menon ,shankar, why are you not casting him..we want to see some good directors directing Madhavan.

  5. RamPrasanth says:

    I thinks Madavan s image changed from “chocolate hero” to “performance artist” after the movies like “Anbe Sivam” and “Rang De Basanthi”.

  6. mahesh kumar says:

    This conversation make u feel like he is a very down to earth as a person….. and he surely rocks ……..

  7. Ciby says:

    I clearly remeber that day!!…Apart from his cute looks & intelligence he has a great sense of humour & had us all on the edge of our seats that day….!!

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