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Nandita Das

Nandita Das is down to earth, humble artistic and can win you over with a smile.She refuses to succumb to the inane and ordinary and her courage that has helped her survive the toughest of time. My interaction with her was thought provoking and ofcourse a memory to be cherished.

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  1. Shreeja says:

    Oh man, she speaks good.When did this happen!

  2. Shalni says:

    Can u upload the full video..! She seems to be very smart. Blog is good..seems to have variety. Stars, Brand, Marketing, Education,Sports, Music, Movies. You can think of running a full time channel. How come haven’t thought about FM.Podcasting is the in thing. I am sure u know that..but should be waiting to have a big launch. Flicker usage is good. Man do you have 24 or have u quit everything and r u only on this space.

  3. Manjula says:

    She is truly a beauty with brains and has the courage to use them both!!

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