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Siddharth – Blue Eyed Boy

Simple, Idealistic, Dramatic, Down to earth, Honest, Artistic, Talented, Handsome—yes! He is none other than Siddharth who made his way into the crowd with his charming smile, short stubble and enduring personality leaving no stone unturned.
From being a debate competitor to an extra ordinary theatre performer Siddharth has always aimed at perfection. Having assisted the most magnificent director Mani Ratnam in the early stages of his career has given him an edge over the others. The most versatile bilingual actor has proved his calibre in his recent flick-180.
Siddharth has been the most dedicated and committed hero of our era who is building his own road to success and reaching greater heights day by day yet remaining down to earth.
With an interactive session with the eye candy…oops ‘no more a confectionary brand’ Sid gives us details on how a heroine’s role is more important than a hero’s role in love stories. Female characters are given the lime light as that is the slice of reality.
His fun loving nature and witty answers kept the momentum going. Talking about comebacks Sid said that the term comeback was overrated and he had never left to come back. He kept the crowd gazed by sharing his future projects and his plan to start his own production house. The actor is a self-made man who only believes in talent and hard work.
With an encounter with the most splendid personality, Siddharth keeps us all awestruck as he answers,
How do you relate yourself to the character performed by you in the movie 180?
“The hero lives in the present not worrying about the past or future. Similarly I only believe in the power of the moment as past is gone and future is uncertain. If you appreciate my work on screen then I would give all the credit to my female fans.”
Do you feel being an assistant director groomed you to be a better actor today?
“Yes! I am aware of the camera and the sound system around me which helps me to give my best shot each time. Every stage in life has been a learning experience which has polished me into a versatile performer.”
How was your experience working with Mr. Jayendra?
“I have known Jayendra since I was a kid and we share a daddy-son rapport, it was home-coming movie for me after a gap of 7 years. I have admired him and his work, he is a true technical wizard who enjoys experimenting with technology and his work speaks for him.”
How was your experience to do a bilingual movie simultaneously?
“It was my first attempt at it and believe me it’s stressful in the beginning but later you start enjoying. I am looking forward to do a trilingual movie and capture the response from my fans.”
How would you react if you woke up one morning being “THE RAJINIKANTH?”
“Aha Rajini?? I can never become Rajini sir… RAJINIKATH will always remain Rajinikanth.”
How was your experience to shoot in front of red digital camera(movie) and phantom flex camera which captured the magic of each moment in ultra-slow motion?(song)
“I enjoyed every day of my shoot. When I was young I wondered why our movies aren’t having an impact like English movies but now things have changed and Indian movies are in par with Hollywood.”
The charmer and heartthrob of many finally signed off saying he still dreams to be a director someday.

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