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What kind of books do you enjoy reading? Who is your favorite author?

I prefer British twitters to American, because the language used by them is simple and better. I have no favorite authors, but a I am fond of books relating to history,   theology   & social science.

What do you think is the real meaning of Life?

Life is a vast ocean. It has many colours.  It has its positive & negative aspects’. Everyone must try to improve oneself.

Being good in education does not guarantee success in life” -your comment.

Education alone will not help. It is only one of the components of success. Academic success is concentrating & excelling in one particular field. Success in life means more than that.

Who among your siblings is the brightest?

It is a very difficult, but for sure Srinivasan Kulkarni (My brother) is the brightest of the four siblings in our family. He is working as an astrophysicist in the states. He has bagged all major awards except the Nobel Prize.

“Honesty is the best policy to come up in Life” -Comment.

Definitely – there are no two ways about it. The saying goes ” A good salesman is one who gives the negative and then the positive aspects of his product”. Truth alone will stay. Even with regard to the press, I ask them to come directly because preparation time will lead to tinch of lying.

In your opinion does luck favor winning?

Luck merely depends on opportunity. Cannot be depended upon. We should be open minded to make the best of every opportunity given to us. Hard work, Honesty and transparency are more important than luck.

What do you think is the reason for your husband winning at a grand scale?

First of all the situation was right, we started the company at the correct time. It was the time when IBM closed & India had opened up its market to IT business. We got efficient candidates & good students. The liberalization policy was in our favour & of course a lot of hard work has made infosys what it is today.

What is the mission of infosys foundation

Our main focus is to help the rural areas & to have offices in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Orissa & Andhra Pradesh.  Health & primary education is our priority.


Are your children planning to joit infosys or are they are planning  to take up some other way?

Entrepreneurship is not inherent, nor is intelligence, but hard work. In case my children opt to follow our line, the usual procedure for selecting a candidate will be adopted for them too. If they don’t make it, then there is no chance.

You have a lot of work to do, how do you find time with your family?

Time is a very important factor. It is valuable. Be it a king or pauper, male or female, officer or peon. 24 hours is what we have in hand. I allot my time for family, household work & to make preparations for college.

Have you achieved the ambition in your life?

I didnt dream much. Everything I have received is more than what I expected. The love & respect from my family & society is more than what my plate can hold. I never dreamt for the stars.

Being an important person in India, how do you face criticism by the media & others?

I don’t worry about them. People may say I am great but I know what I am. When I hear praises about myself I block my mental ears. A human being is easily carried away by fame & flattery. The highest form of corruption is people saying “You are great” & you believing in it. You know what you are.

You have multi-talents, writing, teaching social work etc. which suits you the best?

­My passion for teaching comes first. Inspite of my heavy schedule, I spend atleast 4 hours a week for teaching, because I feel that youngsters receive better than elder people they are fresh, idealistic & not biased. Students expect nothing in return. I love to be with my students. Though I am much older than them, I am still young at heart because I am a teacher.

An Upclose


I don’t have any description for me. I will not compromise on the basic principles & I am not scared to tell the truth.


Hard work & determination


My confidence


I want to help every one, especially the rural areas..My family has always been my pillar of strength.


It is deteriorating. Steps should be taken to bring it back to shape.


Work hard. Believe in yourself. Too much of money can ruin the Youth of today. Only later will you realize your mistakes.

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  1. Anula says:

    Carefully sewn questions…. This deserves an applause.

  2. sanoj says:

    Give us MORE…missing those days we used to listen to all your dreams and aspirations, gud that u have gone somewhere.Keep flying..envying ur urge,energy and drive.

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