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n your opinion, who were the persons behind the success of’Nandha’? Whoelse?

Laila. (humorously). It is none but director Mr. Bala, who made ‘Sethu’. After seeing ‘Sethu’, I longed for a chance to act in Mr Bala’s movie. When I first saw him, I could not believe he was a director. He is simple and a man of deep thoughts.Later, I happened to travel with him in a car. I asked him if I could work with him. Five months after that meeting, the opportunity came in the form of ‘Nandha’.

Does luck play any role in the success of an actor’s career?

It does but forms a mere 10 percent. However, hard work is the basic ingredient for success. I see lots of movies and derive inspiration from them. To excel in something, hard work and determination are very important. Many discouraged me after seeing dispirited performance in ‘Nerukku Ner’. But, I never gave up and continued to plod.

Can you tell us something about your dreams and yourself?

I am soft and calm. I studied in boys’ school and did not gaze at girls. But, I had a ball during college days. I made many friends. After the course, my friends settled down in life looking after their family business. My father is not a businessman. So, I did not know what to do. I asked myself for the first time if I could earn Rs. 100. For once, I thought I could follow in the footsteps of my brother, who was an MD in a spinning mill. But, that would require me to ask for money from my father. At last, I took up a job and started earning Rs 1000 a month. It went on for six months. The job was routine and monotonous. Fortunately, director Udayakumar was my neighbour. He encouraged me to have a go at acting. Finally, I decided to jump into the film arena and took a crash course on dancing, and fighting.

You seem to be reserved. Why do you carry such an image?

Since my childhood days, I have been like this. But, with friends, I am feisty. I chat a lot.

Who is your favourite actor?

Kamalahasan When I was young, I used to take his clippings and paste them on the walls and doors of our house. My mother would beat me for spoiling the house. Later, I also liked Rajinikanth. He has his own style and individuality. Every actor has his uniqueness. Karthik is good at bringing out facial expressions. Before entering the field, I had criticized them. But now I understand how difficult it is to bring out an expression. I take care not to imitate him, his modulation and expression. How do you define success? Success has no limitations. It requires enormous amount of dedication and concentration. If you have clarity of goals you can take up any platform. Be determined and success is in your hands.

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