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Team Work – Works

Lessons from the current ⚽FIFA World Cup🏆

Ronaldo and Messi (arguably 2 best current players in the world) disappeared from World Cup without taking their teams to the Quarter Finals.

The leadership lesson is simple – you can take your organization to a certain level with your brilliance but it’s only the Team that can create a Win and make you a Leader.

Brilliant Leaders cannot make a team succeed but only a bunch of committed capable people with a purpose, higher than personal glory, guided by humble leader can make a team succeed.

Most of the Leaders feel they are the reason of the team’s performance while actually it is the other way round!

Leadership is best described by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu:


“As for the best leaders, people do not notice their existence

The next best, people honour and praise

The next, people fear

The next, people hate…..”


When the best leader’s work is done, people say

“We did it ourselves”!

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