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The good lockdowns of quarantine

Quarantine may just save your life. You have to apply yourself to ‘new’ disciplines: making your own bed, your own coffee, your own sandwich. You have to put your hand (and mind!) to cleaning the house, washing dishes, putting things in the right spot. You have time for things you only dreamt about: learning a musical instrument, for one. There are new professional worlds: Work from home for the office-goer and take class online for the teacher. You can finally write the blog that was growing in your bones and the book that was rising in your heart. You can pay full attention to the great little joys: admiring passing fluffy clouds, laughing with little ones, watch good movies and videochat with your friends. You can also be mindful to meditate or do some yoga. Above all you can start really constructive dreaming for a brighter and peaceful world. Who said quarantine is boring. It is life-transforming.

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