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My Brand Affair


In a world flooded with brands, I just realized to dwell upon those brands which make my day. Every day all of us use innumerable brands. I just wanted to take stock of it one fine day. Interestingly I realised the number and the brand which I use it vary from day to day, I did a small research of my brand affair on a Wednesday. I also suggest the readers to take stock the brands they use and place it on this thread. Let us see how it varies from person to person.

Brand Kkr

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21 Responses to My Brand Affair

  1. Vinay MIB says:

    Can we add our brand line on a single day..? If so please indicate all of us will share our brand associations.

  2. sportonline says:

    Good without bad does not happen – even to the schoolboy on a vacation give the task. – C.Lem

  3. prognozsms says:

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  4. Inet-Bazar says:

    Very much even it is remarkable. In particular the first.

  5. Mani Kandan .K says:

    nice one……:-)

  6. Роберт says:

    As to a theme it will seems to me a urgency it is known only after a while.

  7. Sanjay Vk says:

    You’ve updated your blog and website with lot of changes…looks nice and more intresting to go thru…keep writing sir…!! Happy Writing !!

  8. Trupti Pradhan says:

    Its really commendable on your part to go into the minute details of the brands which you are used to daily..We somehow don’t look into the smaller aspests of things which holds a lot of importance.

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    It is simply remarkable – very interesting ideas

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  11. pgt says:

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  12. vertu says:

    Thanks. Has read through with interest.

  13. Нафаня says:

    Thanks you for a site, very useful resource, ALL here very much is pleasant to me …

  14. NFS says:

    Yes, it is certainly hard.:)

  15. e-script says:

    posts on this theme will be in the future? Very much I wait!

  16. glass says:

    Today even the skilled consumer involuntarily tests easy dizziness from an abundance of the modern goods or services, so they are various. In materials of a site – advice of the experts working in sphere of the goods and services, read through clauses, and the problem of a choice will lose the acuteness.

  17. Sajna says:

    That seems to be good…Very thoughtful, you counted it in a dairy. I am not able to, i got up to 20..then lost count and failed to register the brand names. You keep trying out new things..When is your next visit to UK…Your obsession towards brands seems to be growing leaps n bounds.Keep blogging. Please add friend feed and RSS.

  18. kotof says:

    Very interestingly, but all in the future was to be learned even more about it. Your clause has very much liked!

  19. hip-hop says:

    “Very cognitively”

  20. Anula says:

    Wow!! that was excellent!! I think i’m all ready to set my brand diary from today


    You are right and you used to say we cover so much brands that we don’t remember after seeing this now I completely accept it. Starting from the morning till night awesome.. So everybody is a branded person out there.

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