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Protecting India

When was the last time you got  hurt..! Imagine the last time you had a bruise or when you were injured or had a small scratch or the skin peeled off…the first thing your family or the physician is the brand DETTOL. Hold…ask your dad, granddad or great granddad…all of them will instantly connect with this brand Dettol. This brand stays in every house hold for the past 73 years. The Rs 1,200-crore Reckitt Benckiser, maker of brands such as Dettol, Lizol, Cherry Blossom and Disprin has ruled over for years. Dettol brand started its journey as an antiseptic Liquid (today they have soap, plaster, liquid hand wash, shaving cream, hand sanitizer). Today Brand Dettol is the most trusted brand.
Brands are spheres of influence and the ones which get into the hearts of the consumers win the market place. In spite of competition, changing trends they turn out to be the most preferred brand for generations. If creating a brand is tough, surviving is tougher; sustaining will be the toughest task. Dettol brand survives this long as the most trusted brand purely because they have won the trust of the customers:
1. Brand Relevance
2. Brand Consistency
3. Stick to your core value
4. Evolve as per the consumer needs
5. Brand Resonance
Iconic Brands not just comes into our life, rather it stays with us.

Share your thoughts on how Brand Dettol stays relevant over generations?!

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  1. Reena says:

    Dettol was consdiered to be the all-in-one germ killer, safe guard aganist infections ….its sting is more painful than the cut at times though! a kid I used to hide the cuts and scrapes from mom just bcoz of dettol..:-)

  2. KAMLESH BOHRA.R says:


  3. SWEATHA.S says:

    DETTOL – The face of one disinfectant that has survived generations of use, misuse and excessive use. No other disinfectant has invaded the minds of the people then and now. So much so that you could say, “when you see blood, think DETTOL”.


    “100% protected ” — none other than “DETTOL” and its brand name in the hands of households across the globe which is well protected. An age old brand which is still inherited for generations togather (past 76years)… unbelivable !!

    The 76-year old iconic brand from Reckitt Benckiser, is well on its way to achieving a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore , no one was surprised. For, the brand has been clocking a double-digit growth even at a time when most others, including market leader Hindustan Unilever, have been losing market share,becoz of the relationship they have rooted in the minds of a common man before 70 yrs. The brand cracked the market by focusing on the concept “importance of hygiene” .. which was not realized by the people during the birth of DETTOL. The biggest challenge has been low consumer awareness on , prompting Dettol to take the education route. So one-fifth of the ad spends go into non-mass media in smaller towns like wall-painting, dealer boards and vans ,etc.this has been paid by brand loyalty now.
    Dettol has been able to command a premium because of the consumers’ preference for a brand that has never deviated from its health platform. DETTOL THE BRAND IS – 100% protected 🙂

  5. sundeep.p says:

    Can anyone go beyond 100% the answer will be no,Dettol made that ,in olden days when we have a cut ,or a wound we used to apply turmeric powder to heal ,it is antiseptic which will make a burning sensation on the wound,this concept is been taken away by this corporate bull.
    why we pray to god because its been told to us by our elders,like wise when dettol launched during 70s our elders used the brand ,which is been used by us still in this century,but still the question remains how its been in market for such a long time thats what marketing do all the way,they keep on doing all marketing strategies so that they see they wont fall down to second position.if you see their advertisement they do ads for every climate,because different climate have different health problems so they are very keen about their customers health.
    The care they take to protect their customers make their product a grand success

  6. sundeep.p says:

    When you see blood dont apply it directly instead, Dettol is an antiseptic which kills bacteria and stuff. You’re supposed to rinse a cut to get dirt etc out then rub it directly in. Diluting is a good idea because it’s pretty strong stuff and it makes it hurt less. Dettol hurts quite a lot unfortunately.

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