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Academic Energy !!

Director at Dr. G R Damodaran College
Author of “From Campus to Corporate”, Pearson Publication.

DR. KK Ramachandran– Interview


Q: As an expert in academia, please comment on how college degree prepares students for their first job.

Dr. KKR: College is the first real broadening of the mind. It makes students meet students beyond their region … they get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds, they also share, travel and work with their peers on various occasions during their tenure. This is the best possible preparation for the workplace., especially in the 21st century.


Q: What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job, and why?

Dr. KKR: I am fired with the privilege and opportunity of shaping the future of many young minds. I am energised with the challenge to inspire fresh minds every single year and be there whenever they want you. One has to be a lighthouse for many youngsters who come to our shores.


Q: How has teaching /instruction methods changed over your teaching career?

Dr. KKR: There was a time when teachers were like God because they knew the answers for everything. But now Google seem to be their best bet and that too with the mobile generation, they check and verify everything. Teaching is also much more satisfying because teachers are empowered with many tools. By wisely using these tools, teaching becomes fun.


Q: What is your experience in engaging with students using social media?

Dr. KKR: I maintain a huge presence on my blog, Facebook, Twitter because I am personally interested in social media, and because it is the easiest way to keep in touch with current student and alumni. Over 80% of students that are in college and who have passed out follow me. Even the most passive people actively keep in touch with me. You will never see the messages because they are not public but again, over 80% of the contact is via messages and email. Many students who graduated in marketing now have jobs that are connected with the digital media of the brands they work on, so the contact is a roaring back and forth river. You don’t need me to tell you that all the kids are on multiple social media platforms and are the real frontline of India’s presence on the net.


Q: How have students expectations from universities changed since you’ve been teaching? In your opinion, are the universities able to cater to their changing needs?

Dr. KKR: Universities were the place where one enriched knowledge. Now it is purely placements. But the key lies with institutions that give them the exposure and experience along with a healthy atmosphere, insights, knowledge and also placements — they will be the one which will influence and elevate the people and the society.


Q: As an academic entrepreneur, you have used many innovative methods, such as breakthrough forums, to engage with your students and help them improve their educational goals. What is your experience in using such methods?

Dr. KKR: Imagine the impact on an 18-year-old when they meet a legend and get inspired … If there is a 1% change, that happens to the individual by default his ambitions will grow to a great extent.


Q:What are your current research interests?

Dr. KKR: Social Media and behavioural studies, technology in education, startups as a new career choice.


Q: What in your opinion is the success of a teacher?

Dr. KKR: A teacher’s true success is when they genuinely educate a student to be a good liver of life and equip them to an extremely high degree to professionally succeed in a personal passion. My goal is to create a COMPLETELY ready young person, not a professional automaton who finds personal life challenging or a dilletante who finds the professional life too challenging.


Q:What advice would you give to people considering taking up a career in academics?

Dr. KKR: If you are a person who finds happiness in sharing, caring, inspiring and enlightening your students without any expectations in return one can think of this career. Anyone who wants to keep learning and shaping young minds and is keen to be a spark of many lives – this will be a great career.

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