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Marketing Bared

Technology has changed the very fabric of life. Technology has changed the way in which we used to attend telephones, watch Televisions, take pictures, preserve Pictures, listening  music, buy music, interact with people, and also the way in which we do business.

Marketing and Advertising once upon a time was an one way zone. Now the game has changed, it is purely an interactive medium. Every marketer is trying to engage the customer and every brand is trying to converse with their customer.

In this changed environment, competitive strategy needs an overhaul, brands are not aware of who their next competitor is, like how iPhone and Nokia turned out to be a biggest competitor to all those brands who were into selling cameras.

What amuses me is the fact, Creativity is the only tool to make a brand survive this cluttered world. Simple and stunning creative ideas with the use of technology and new media can get your brand an interesting reach.

Here is a great case study on how a brand used technology and got all the attention.

Imagine a portrait of a gorgeous model neatly dressed in one of those garment stores or bill boards on the busy streets or in the magazines …!!! Are we familiar with this scenario, obviously every brand does that to strive to get your attention and uses the pictures of celebrities and models. Here is a case study how a brand takes you to an unimaginable strategy only to arrest your attention and get you engaged in an activity with the utmost curiosity.

Hold your breath and imagine you have given a choice to undress the model by using your smart phone !!! Yeah, you can make the clothes of the model disappear instantly and see her inner garments and also the details of where to buy it. Scan the QR Code, download the app and see all those you want to see, but ensure you remember the brand effort.

Marketers and brands have gone to a stage they end up doing unthinkable stuff purely with the use of technology.

Wonderbra is always known for some interesting campaigns and the “Hello Boys” campaign of Eva Herzigova’s stunned the viewers of 1994. This campaign is the first fully dressed campaign of Wonderbra but they empower the viewers to decode the model.By using technology cleverly launched its app named the Wonderbra Decoder App, a downloadable app that allow users to undress the gorgeous Adriana Cernanova and flaunt her sexy underwear. The marketing campaign showcases the model with clothes but the app reveals the inner secrets and the app user can scan multiple images only to showcase the recommended Wonderbra for different outfits and occasions.
Martina Alexander, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra UK said: ‘Wonderbra offers a bra for all occasions and we want to highlight this in a fun and original way. ‘Our new App for fashion-conscious girls, reveals the recommended Wonderbra for different looks to help her enhance any outfit.’
Just wondering, who is the target audience!! I am sure there might be more men who would have downloaded this app and there might be more women of the feminist organisations who should be discussing about this marketing campaign. After all we are in a world which is craving for attention, for sure this dramatic marketing campaign will succeed in its objective of making the campaign interactive. This campaign is technology savvy but not so socially conscious.

Before you watch the video again, share your thoughts on this campaign !!



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