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Walking Billboards

In a cluttered world, a consumer is bombarded with marketing messages through different mediums every single second by almost all the brands. The statistics on the  number of messages targeted at the consumer is frightening. Now with the advent of digital, we have synced with the brands. Here is a  funny ploy in Japan.

Women in Japan have become walking billboard or do i say billboard with life. Advertisements is placed on the thighs of models. I repeat, the advertisements of companies have found a new place or should i say a new medium : MODEL’S LEGS.

This new style of promotion involves ladies above 18 years, who walk around the city for eight hours each day with the images painted on the thigh.   3000 women are willing to carry the brand image on their thighs. So if this is out of the box thinking, now advertisers will mover the upper thigh to….?!! Which body part will be the next walking billboard..!!?? If you have an interesting guesses, share it…it could help some brands and of course the models. Consumers i hope might be delighted, if not at least the advertising agency can boast their uniqueness.

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